We’re All in This Together

Whenever a professor mentions the words “group project,” I must admit that I cringe on the inside. I have never been a fan of working with others in an academic setting. I am passionate about my grades, and having to rely on my classmate to complete their part of the project does not sit right with me. I have a terrible habit of changing others’ information and/or PowerPoint slides if the information is not accurate or does not flow well. Of course, I inform the person beforehand that I am looking to make changes, but I can guess that most are annoyed when I do so. Although we have a fantastic class for ENG 5020, we share the same sentiments that group projects are not our favorites. However, I do believe with the individuals in our class, we will be able to pull this off. 

Reflecting on my past academic years, I want to learn and/or teach how to formulate one’s ideas. Often in the educational setting, students rely on their teacher’s thoughts and ideas. We have covered this in the reading “Ranking, Evaluating, and Liking: Sorting Out Three Forms Of  Judgement.” Why is it that students give up and yield to only their teacher’s opinions? I have done this myself mostly because I wanted to receive an A, and I knew that I would receive that A by agreeing with and using my teacher’s ideas. This tactic is most commonly used for written assignments, but students must begin voicing their ideas without fear of being “wrong” because one’s ideas do not correlate to their teacher’s. This will also require teachers to get out of the mindset of believing there is a right or wrong answer. Perhaps creating a how-to on formulating one’s idea. I find that the topic of research will also play a part in this. Recognizing bias while researching plays a crucial role in developing one’s ideas. 

From looking at my peer’s ideas, I enjoy the idea of revamping a course or creating a new course that will be beneficial to students later in life. Overall, I believe that we all have great ideas and a few overlapping ideas. By today’s class, I hope that we all can find a common ground and complete our final project as a team with the least amount of stress!

Published by bvick

I am currently in my first year of graduate school. I've never blogged before, so this is all new to me! I am excited to see where my program, M.A. in Writing Studies, takes me!

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